Our vision

 Our vision is to optimize personal potential through expanding knowledge, early intervention, encouraging dialogue, increasing awareness, and minimizing stigma. A Counseling will evolve, grow, and provide excellence in services at an affordable cost to our community. Responsive to the needs of clients, we will continue to foster, and nurture an environment that is safe, confidential, and professional.

Place of Healing and guidance

  •  In today’s world, social media is the University of communication which consists of various school’s like WhatsApp, snap chat, line, etc. Social media is where a lot of people stay connected to their friends and make friends through.

  • Do you or someone you know needs/ like to talk to a counselor?

  • Social media has opened a platform where anyone can express their opinions on any subject to with everyone. Giving opinions on other people’s opinions has become the norm but opinions are confusing! It may encroach the line of tradition, culture, community, race, faith and personal values. The philosophies of the world just pacify the soul for a short period, but the unrest continues in hearts and minds. Anxiety and Depression take over Love, Peace, and Hope.

  • That is why you need a place of confidence, sincere listener, non-judgmental Wiz enabling you to face the facts, truth, and working with you to walk out of difficult situations. Every human being has a different journey to take eagerly and decisively, but at times you need a place to restore and rejuvenate to develop a relaxed mind with a hope for an improved life.

About Me

I am a very well experienced counselor currently based in Pakse, Laos. I come with an institutional approach, medical approach, community approach in the field of Counseling to best suit the client and players involved.