Jessy Mony Bob

I am a very well experienced counselor currently based in Pakse, Laos. I come with an institutional approach, medical approach, community approach in the field of Counseling to best suit the client and players involved.

My sessions allow the clients to ventilate their deepest and darkest secrets, emotions to relieve their minds helping them to unload the burden. I work with my clients to find a possible way to overcome the circumstances and face the complexities of life with boldness and grit. The processes make way of learning to deal with emotions, situations and societal pressures.

I believe, everyone needs a listener (non-judgmental, confidential) more than a advicer. It does half the healing and the rest is guiding the client to face life the way it is!

Customers reviews

It normally takes me a while to trust people and open up. However, even in my first session with Jessy, I found myself discussing things with a comfort level of long-time, trusted friends. I also appreciate her genuine and caring nature, which makes all the difference in a therapy experience.
Adam Sendler
Whenever the path in my life is unclear or I am doubting myself , Jessy has a way of cutting through the clutter and helping me find the most honest and true path to take. I always leave feeling like I got what I needed and know how to proceed. I find great peace in our relationship and will continue to use her as a guide.
Mike Stuart