Booking & Cancellation Policy

Bookings, cancellations and rescheduling should be done at least 24 hours before the session. Cancellations and rescheduling done lesser than 24 hours in advance are billed as whole sessions. The counselor will take into consideration emergencies and disasters.

*If there are two consecutive cancellations the client will be billed*
*If the client does not show up to 30 minutes for the session without informing, the session will be charged considering as a no-show*
*International clients are billed at a lower rate than their country of residence*
*Clients are billed in accordance to the sessions and country of origin. It will determine when you make an appointment with the counselor*
*Billing for a session starts from the time the client has booked the counselor*

Terms & Conditions

The booking and cancellation policy is put in place for the protection of the counselor and client. The counselor reserves the right to terminate therapy if cancellations or no-shows become excessive. This will be discussed with you prior to the termination of services. Please be respectful of time. Ending Counseling Sessions.

You have the right to terminate the sessions at any point as the choice to end sessions lies with the client. 

There are a few exceptions:

If cancellations and no-shows become an issue.
If the counselor, in her judgment, cannot help you beyond a certain point.
If the counselor feels harassed – verbally or physically or if she is threatened, the counselor reserves the right to terminate session immediately and take appropriate action.